How to Make Money on Medium – 10 Easy Ways

Medium is one of the fastest growing and widely used blogging platforms today. However, only a few bloggers are aware of the fact that Medium also allows you to monetize your content and hence, earn money from your writings! In this article, I will share some of the best ways to make money on Medium that I have personally tried and tested.


What Is Medium?

Medium is a platform that allows people to publish and distribute information using articles, photographs, videos, and podcasts. It was started by Evan Williams in 2012. This post will give you an overview of how you can make money with your writing on Medium. You can either write a completely new piece or repurpose some of your existing work. Either way, if you follow these steps you should be able to start making some decent cash from your writing! Let’s get started.


Write an e-book: One easy way to generate additional income from your articles is to create a separate e-book based on one of them. The e-book doesn’t have to be lengthy or even very long—you could probably put together something short like 10 pages that highlights some of your best tips. Once you’ve written it, try submitting it to places like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or Smash Word for distribution on platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If it’s been a while since you published anything but think back over all of your previous posts; I’m sure there are more than enough topics worth expanding upon!

How Does Medium Make Money?


Medium’s revenue model is not transparent. We don’t know how it makes money, but some possible indicators can help us figure out how it works. When you sign up for a free account, you are asked if you want an ad-free version. This may mean that readers who read online pay to view content without seeing advertisements. Each post also has a tip jar link, which is reminiscent of PayPal donation buttons. It is possible that when people click these links, they pay to support a writer or publisher. It is also possible that Medium generates revenue from sponsored posts and articles written by brands and companies. In addition, it could be selling data about its users (e.g., demographics) to advertisers or other businesses to generate additional income.

How Much Money You Make on Medium

It’s a good question, especially considering many writers struggle with producing content consistently. Before you dive in and start creating, it’s important to understand how you’ll be paid for your work. If you’re planning on monetizing your writing through ad revenue, be aware that there are several restrictions in place: You cannot monetize with YouTube ads or display ads; only custom solutions can be used. Your total earnings may not exceed $5 per 1,000 page views over 30 days. In other words, if you reach 2 million page views over a month (1 million page views after subtracting Google AdSense revenue), you will have earned $2,000—but not a penny more than that.

10 Easy Ways to Earn Money on Medium

1) Start Writing and Get Noticed

Medium has a small but loyal audience of readers—all looking for high-quality content. That’s good news if you have something interesting to say. If you write consistently and share your posts often, you can create ripples that attract more followers and subscribers. Just start writing! You don’t need a formal plan or strategy in place right away—just go ahead and publish posts as they come to mind. Use The Search Feature: Not sure what to write about? Search for popular keywords using Medium’s internal search tool (found under Explore). Other writers are doing it, too, so by tapping into their thinking and research, you might find inspiration for your own ideas.

2) Become an Influencer

Some of your peers may have already dipped their toes into blogging and micro-blogging, so it might be time for you to start considering a side hustle as well. In fact, there are plenty of people who quit their day jobs to become influencers (which can entail creating social media content, video blogs, or websites). And since many influencers use affiliate marketing strategies, you could easily generate passive income through influencer marketing as well. Check out some of these sites that will help get you started: Social Media Examiner: This site provides information and inspiration for bloggers using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Influencer Marketing Hub: Get paid by brands and businesses to create sponsored posts that expand reach online.

3) Create Something People Want To Buy

It’s tough to monetize a business that doesn’t actually solve a problem. Take, for example, TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington’s new venture: CrunchMatch. It’s designed as a dating site but we don’t see people flocking to it because they need their dating lives managed by an algorithm. People need products that solve real problems and products they will pay you for (because they’re too busy or lazy or can’t be bothered) and those products are few and far between. In fact, according to Inc., only about one-third of all businesses last five years.

4) Get Sponsored Posts

Medium is one of those sites where there are a lot of publications you can write for, so why not take advantage of that? A sponsored post (basically a pay-to-publish arrangement) may be an easy way to get your foot in the door. The publication will outline how much it will pay, how long your post needs to be, and if you’ll have any editing control. Many publications also have payment terms that stipulate when they’ll cut you a check after publication. Since these tend to be time-sensitive, follow up quickly and make sure you understand what they want before moving forward.

If you do go down this route, I would suggest doing it as early as possible because many publications fill their calendars months in advance. However, just because someone doesn’t publish something immediately doesn’t mean they won’t use it later or ask you to revise and resubmit. So even if you don’t get paid right away or ever, keep submitting! Once a publication accepts your piece then publish whenever works best for them but remember that all online media outlets move fast—and usually live at some point during normal business hours—so try to accommodate their schedule with yours by having everything ready beforehand.
5) Create A Course
In 2018, it’s easier than ever to teach people what you know. All you need is a YouTube channel, a PowerPoint, and some drive. If there are problems in your industry that keep bothering you—problems that either aren’t being solved or aren’t being solved well—create a course that solves them.
For example, if you want people to start taking their data more seriously, create a series of PowerPoint lectures showing common data science mistakes and how to fix them. (In case it isn’t obvious yet: It pays very well.) Or if you want people to become better at Excel, create a multi-lesson series about best practices for spreadsheet design. The sky’s truly the limit here!
6) Sell Yourself As An Expert
Once you’ve built up your experience in one area and become an expert, promote that expertise by selling your advice. Start a consulting firm or write an eBook. Just be sure to market it correctly so you don’t turn off potential customers. If you’re just starting out, consider blogging as a way to get in front of potential clients for free—it can help you build a following before jumping into business full-time.
The passive income from blogs can eventually lead to writing more substantive pieces like eBooks, which will help you establish yourself even further. The best part? You can always go back and edit your old content to reflect new information if something changes down the road. Or simply delete it when no longer relevant!
7) Monetize Your Newsletter Subscribers
Why waste all that email list traffic? If you have readers interested in your content, you can monetize them by working with companies to send paid emails. You can provide a lead magnet, such as an ebook or webinar access, and then sell additional products or services through a series of follow-up emails.
You’ll earn about $10 for every 1000 subscribers who click through from your email and purchase something; if you sell something that costs $30, you’ll earn about $3 per sale. Or go further: use your newsletter as a launch pad for free products or courses, and then upsell premium versions of those items to your subscriber list when they sign up for your newsletter.
8) Sell Your Own Products & Services
Are you a freelance writer, editor, designer, or photographer? Do you have your own website where you sell T-shirts and mugs with your design? Or are you simply someone who has a popular social media account? If so, selling your own products and services is an easy way to make money online. Offering something valuable for free as part of a lead magnet will entice people to provide their email addresses in exchange for it.
In fact, giving something valuable away for free is one of our 4 favourite traffic tips. It’s a great way to get people interested in your offers while also promoting yourself without feeling sleazy. The key is to create quality content that isn’t too promotional—you want to focus on building trust first and then making sales later.
9) Share Someone Else’s Product/Service
You don’t have to create your own products and services to sell them. One of my favourite ways to earn extra income is by finding products or services that I truly love, then promoting them with a link back to their website. This allows me to benefit from two successful businesses while helping others at the same time (which makes me feel good). The best part is, when you share someone else’s product/service like I just mentioned, you only pay out a commission if that person buys something as a result of your link.
There are many different programs like these, such as Viglink and Skimlinks; there are also great affiliate networks for promoting physical products and digital downloads, like ShareASale or ClickBank. Check them out! They’re another way to build an audience, generate some revenue, and make a profit online. It’s also worth mentioning that once you find a product or service you really enjoy using—and that fits within your niche—it may be worth looking into developing it further yourself.
If it doesn’t hurt too much to not get paid as much anymore, consider doing so—especially if it could open up new revenue streams down the road. You never know what opportunities might present themselves over time… #nichehacks Here’s an example: Say you write about travel but notice lots of people buying airplane tickets through Bing Travel.
10) Hire Freelancers & Outsource Work
If you’re working with a marketing agency, likely, your company is already working with freelancers. If not, find some and start delegating tasks to them. For many small business owners, hiring an employee can be much more costly than outsourcing tasks.

Freelancers typically have lower overhead costs and aren’t full-time commitments (which means they won’t require health insurance). More importantly, if you outsource specific tasks (like writing), you’ll free up time for yourself so that you can focus on growing your business. Not only is outsourcing less expensive than hiring employees, but it can also reduce risks by allowing you to assess contractors before making any permanent decisions.


To be successful in all that you do, You need to know how to generate traffic for your business or website. In other words, it’s a key ingredient of growth. There are many ways you can acquire traffic but one of them is by using social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If done right, you will be able to generate targeted traffic in no time at all with these social networks as they have tremendous power.

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