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It’s simple to earn quick cash with online surveys, but you have to be picky about which surveys you take and how much time you spend on them each day. Here are the basics of how to earn quick cash with online surveys so that you can make money from home in no time!

What Are Online Surveys?


If you’re looking for a quick way to earn cash online, surveys may be your answer. Survey sites can pay anywhere from $1 for a single survey (usually about 20 minutes of work) up to $5-$10 per hour depending on your qualifications and what you’re asked to evaluate. There are many different kinds of survey panels, but some are more reputable than others. If a site is asking you for money—whether it’s via a membership fee or an invitation to become an active member—you should walk away immediately.


What’s the Big Deal About Working at Home?


Working at home can be more than a side gig; it can actually replace your full-time job and make you rich in no time. I know what you’re thinking: No way! In fact, when my husband quit his full-time job to work from home as a software developer, we had so much trouble believing him that we made him turn off his phone for a week just to see if he was telling us the truth. Long story short: he was telling us the truth, and today our family of four lives on one income!


How Do You Sign Up for These Gigs?


There are several places online where you can sign up for survey and focus group opportunities. Two of my favorite sites are Inbox Dollars and Survey Junkie. Once you’ve signed up, they’ll notify you when surveys that match you’re demographic come in—which isn’t always frequently, but there’s a decent amount of work if you’re looking for it. You can also look at sites like Pinecone Research if you want more frequent survey opportunities. To learn how to start making money from home through legitimate surveys, check out my post here.


Who are These Companies, Anyway?


When you’re ready to start taking online surveys, you must choose reliable companies. It seems like there are hundreds of survey sites on the web, so choosing a few can be difficult. Start by looking at review sites and blogs that look at those sites—especially if they’re well-known ones. Survey site reviews should tell you what kind of companies conduct their surveys, as well as how much you get paid. The more money online surveys pay, the better!


Where Can I Find Legitimate Survey Sites?


When you have a specific survey site in mind, be sure to check out its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Many companies offer rewards in exchange for your information, but these incentives usually come with a price—your privacy. Be wary of any company that wants access to private information or is vague about how it handles your personal data. A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t explain what’s in it for them, then you probably shouldn’t give it out.


How Much Money Can I Make With These Sites?


One of the first questions people have when they’re exploring a new money-making idea is how much can I make? or how much do these sites pay for online surveys?. It can be tough to answer those questions specifically. That’s because there are a lot of variables that go into how much you make, such as your demographic information and your answers to each survey question.


However, it’s important to remember that most sites will let you know what kind of income you can expect before you start taking surveys—and if they don’t offer that information upfront, it’s probably worth skipping them in favor of another site. Here are some general guidelines on how much money you can expect from each site:

$5-$10 per survey (eBay): There aren’t many paid survey opportunities on eBay but its Get Paid section does include an easy way to earn cash by doing quick tasks like going through their listings and marking any items that need pictures taken or checking for counterfeit products and pricing errors.


What Questions Do They Ask on these Survey Sites?


Of course, it’s always possible that you won’t qualify for a survey or get disqualified from taking part in one. When surveys are carried out, there is usually a target demographic that is required, so there’s no guarantee you will be eligible or meet all of their requirements. Also, if your demographic doesn’t fit well with what they are looking for in their respondents, they can disqualify you easily and make your time spent filling out questionnaires worthless. Be sure to read all terms and conditions before signing up. And if you ever have any questions as to whether you are eligible to take part in a survey or not, contact customer support immediately! You might just qualify after all…

What if I Get Disqualified From Taking Part in a Survey?


If you want to earn quick cash from taking online surveys, it’s important to know that certain things disqualify you from most of them. Generally speaking, if your demographic doesn’t fit well with a survey, you won’t be able to take part in it. Some questions will filter out people based on their age, income, or even where they live.


In many cases, you’ll have no idea which questions disqualify you until you actually try taking part in a survey and get kicked out halfway through. One way around getting disqualified is always being honest when asked a question—if they ask whether or not your parents attend college and you only have one parent who has graduated college, tell them yes! This gives them information so they can factor in different results based on your response.


So, I’ve Signed Up. Now What?


It can be a little intimidating when you first start working on online surveys. Take your time, and don’t fall into overthink territory. The best way to succeed is by starting small. Choose an easy survey or two that you like and see how things go from there.


You might want to take some time before jumping in on any online survey site just so you know what they’re all about. After all, it’s not much different than registering for any other website or service. In other words: Do your homework! There are lots of tips we’ve compiled here on Diggy Vox; check them out if you have time and get started whenever you feel ready! We wish you luck on your journey towards earning quick cash with online surveys 🙂


How Long Does it Take Before I See Money In My Account?


Some surveys will ask how long you’ve been in your current job, how long you plan on staying there, and what you think about your manager. Others might ask about hobbies or if you own pets. In some cases, a question is simply meant to gauge your demographic (i.e., age range, location). Many of these questions are included as a way of ensuring that it’s a good fit for both parties – after all, if you aren’t interested in their product or service then there’s no point in completing an otherwise time-consuming survey!

The Best Times to Take Part in Surveys


At some point, you may have considered working at home and doing online surveys. If so, you’re probably aware that many people sign up for these programs only to find out later that they aren’t making money. The problem is that many folks take part in these kinds of programs after their regular job or before their regular job or during lunch breaks or right before bed.


The key is not when you choose to work online but instead how much time you spend participating in them each day (or week) and what your expectations are. If you really want to start earning money from home, try signing up for a legitimate survey program as early as possible so it can become a habit. Once it does, expect big paychecks!


What Type of Questions Will I Be Asked on These Sites?


As for what type of questions you’ll be asked, it’s all about your demographic. In other words, you may only get questions that are catered to your interests and answers. Depending on what site you use, some surveys can ask a variety of question types. Other sites prefer specific types of questions so they can focus on surveying people who answer those questions in a certain way.


However, you’re being asked, these sites usually feature a space where you can record your own responses instead of typing out answers using an automated system. So no matter what survey you decide to take, just know that it will be quick and easy if there isn’t much thinking involved!



If you’re looking for a way to supplement your income and earn a little extra cash, online surveys can be a great option. There are tons of paid survey sites out there, but some of my favorites are Swagbucks (get $5 free when you sign up!), Survey Junkie ($10 free signup bonus!), and Global Test Market ($5 free signup bonus!). You’ll want to join multiple sites so that you receive a variety of surveys. Here are all of our Get Paid To posts so far! Happy earning!


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