Good Side Hustles for Teenagers

Many teenagers are looking to make money, whether it’s to pay their own bills or contribute to the family budget as they begin their adult lives. Fortunately, there are plenty of side hustles that teenagers can pursue to fill their pockets with extra cash. If you’re looking for good side hustles for teenagers who want to make some extra cash, try these seven options.

7 Good Side Hustles for Teenagers


1) Dog walking


Once you’ve learned how to walk a dog, it can be fun and easy. Take your neighbor’s pooch for a stroll around your neighborhood. Charge by distance (with a maximum of $1 per block) or by time ($10 per hour). The best side hustle if you can get enough customers! So what are you waiting for? Grab Rover and take him for a walk, already!


2) Babysitting


If you’re a teenager, chances are your parents have asked if you’d be willing to babysit on weekends or nights when they go out. (That’s what I did while I was in high school, and it helped me earn easy money teenagers around $500 per month.) Babysitting can be a fun way to make extra money, but keep in mind that most child-care jobs require state certification or some form of registration. While certain states don’t require registration for babysitters 16 years old and older, others do have additional requirements. For example, Florida requires sitters ages 13–17 to register with their state’s Department of Health; sitters under 13 must be registered by both Florida’s Department of Health and state law enforcement agencies.


3) Selling things Online


If you’re still in high school or even middle school, it can be tough to find a job with flexible hours. You’ll likely need a second job that you can do after school or on weekends. While there are plenty of great options available online, one of our favorites is selling your stuff on eBay. Not only does it offer more exposure than other marketplaces, but it’s also less restrictive when it comes to listing new items every day. Best of all?


4) Mystery Shopping


Mystery shopping can be a good way to make some quick cash. Mystery shoppers are hired by companies who want impartial feedback on their services. By posing as normal customers, mystery shoppers get paid to go in and evaluate how well a company is performing at various tasks—from hiring employees to helping customers find specific items in stores. If you like looking around at different shops and restaurants, what could be better than getting paid for it? Mystery shopping jobs typically pay $10-$15 per hour, so you’ll still have plenty of time on your hands (just don’t tell your boss!).


5) Dropshipping


If you have a knack for knowing what people will want, dropshipping may be a good side hustle idea. This business model is perfect if you’re trying to bring in some extra cash while also making sure you don’t get bored of your day job! For instance, say that company ABC hired your friend Sam to create an online community and online store around their brand and products. Sam owns and runs her own Etsy shop where she sells handmade goods. She has no problem selling those goods and earning more money on her own time—and she brings in even more money by offering up her stock (in addition to ABC’s) on consignment at local craft fairs and markets.


6) Create Content Online


Traveling is fun and exciting. But with each passing day, it gets more expensive. From booking a flight to reserving a room in a hotel, traveling has its fair share of costs—which is why travel social media influencers are making bank. Travelers can find cheap deals on flights, hotels, and food on Instagram and other social media platforms that serve as online travel agents. Travel social media influencers make money based on their follower count—the higher your follower count, the more money you’ll make via sponsorships or affiliate links in your bio section.


7) Travel Social Media Influencer


According to influencer marketing company Traackr, social media influencers will have a projected value of $2.6 billion by 2019. There is plenty of different side hustles you can use to monetize your social presence and travel is one of them. If you’re able to grow your following on platforms like Instagram or YouTube, consider doing sponsored posts on your social pages that include travel products or services for brands or businesses to pay you directly (usually via cash or gift cards). It’s also possible that brands may be willing to cover costs associated with traveling if you agree to promote them while you’re there!




Teenagers can make money in many ways. Whether it’s a part-time job at a fast-food restaurant or doing odd jobs around town, teens have numerous options when it comes to earning extra cash. The best side hustle is typically one that works with your schedule and fits your personality and interests—but if you are looking for some quick cash or want to explore business opportunities further, here are seven of our favorite best side hustles for teenagers. Good luck!

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