How to Earn Money Online Without Paying Anything for Students

There are ways to earn money online without paying anything, but you need to find the right way to do so. That’s where we come in, as we have compiled ten of the best ways to make money online without paying any fees or having to spend any money on advertising your business. Whether you are just looking for an easy way to make a few extra bucks or if you want to become an internet entrepreneur, these 10 ideas should give you plenty of options. Give them all a try and see which one works best for you!

How to earn money online without paying anything


For a lot of us, asking how we can start earning money online without paying may seem like a silly question. This should be something obvious and simple: the Internet, or maybe Google would be a response that you would expect from most people. However, there are millions of new users entering cyberspace every day and things do not always go as expected. It is true that some websites will ask you to pay in order to use their services, but they are far from being popular. The truth is that there are many ways to make money online without having to pay any fee at all. You just have to know-how. Here’s how!

Get Paid to Take Surveys


Students often look into ways to make money online and on top of their list is getting paid to take surveys. You may be eligible to take some of these surveys, but you must provide your email address so companies can contact you if you are selected. The good news is most survey sites offer cash or gift cards in exchange for your time. Typically, a survey will take 15-30 minutes but sometimes they can last up to an hour or longer depending on how in-depth it is.

How much do people actually make? In 2017, Global Test Market found that Americans made $40 billion by taking online surveys! That’s a lot of money! A popular website to sign up with is Survey Junkie. It’s free to join and easy to use. Just enter your email address and start taking short surveys about all sorts of topics like politics, lifestyle choices, and products you’ve used before. Once you complete a survey you’ll receive points that add up over time.

You can redeem those points for rewards like PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards. If $5-$10 per month sounds appealing then check out Survey Junkie today! Another great option is Swagbucks. This site has tons of different ways to earn points called SBs which translate into free gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, and other popular retailers.


Sell your Photos Online


photography is a skill that anyone can learn. It’s fun, easy, and most importantly, you don’t need any expensive equipment or training to get started – just point and shoot. To help you get started on your journey to becoming a professional photographer, we’ve put together an introduction to how to make money with your photos online.

To earn money from photography, you need three things: a camera, a steady hand, and time. The best way to start making money as a photographer is by selling your shots online – which could mean getting noticed by major media outlets or scoring some side cash from mom-and-pop shops and businesses in your area. Check out our guide below for all of our best tips and tricks!


Complete Free Offers and Make Cash


Sure, offers can be irritating. That pop-up that follows you around from site to site. The banner flashes across your screen as soon as you open a new tab in your browser. But if you can put up with all of that, there’s a good chance you’ll make some cash. Companies will pay users — usually in Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash, or other gift cards — to view ads, test products, and services, and participate in market research through special online platforms like Ipsos iSay. One of the most popular sites, Toluna QuickSurveys & Rewards, has paid out over $80 million since 2007.


Do Freelance Writing Tasks


Freelance writing is a great way to generate an income while learning a marketable skill. There are several websites that offer freelance work, including eLance and Guru. Some of these sites pay well, but others charge very little. When you sign up with one of these sites, you should be able to find writing tasks that pay $30-50 or more per assignment. You might be thinking: $50? I can make that in an hour at my part-time job! True, but consider that if you have a 40-hour workweek, then your hourly wage will be closer to $20/hour than $50/hour!


Do Odd Jobs on Freelancer Sites


A great way to make extra cash is by doing odd jobs on freelancer sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour. You could perform administrative tasks, data entry, or even voiceover work on some of these sites, provided you have a fast internet connection and good typing skills. Many people offer services that they may need help with such as proofreading or resume writing.

If you have knowledge in any of these areas, you can easily create a profile on one of these sites and be hired by others looking for assistance. Doing so will allow you to make an extra $100 – $300 each month with no startup fees involved. Not bad at all! There are also plenty of sites where you can do paid surveys in exchange for cash which has been surprisingly lucrative.




Earning money on your own time can be a great way to pad your paycheck. However, it’s very possible that you haven’t tried earning cash online before, which means it can feel intimidating or confusing. The goal of How to Earn Money Online Without Paying Anything for Students is simple: provide some inspiration and direction so you know where to start and how best to set up a system that will work in any amount of time you have available! Feel free to jump around as needed, and don’t forget: Don’t be afraid of starting small; break things down into bite-sized pieces. You don’t need five hours a day (or 50 hours) if you can get things done in 15 minutes each day instead!

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