How to sell on Facebook Marketplace : Tips and Tricks

What is Facebook Marketplace? Facebook Marketplace, formerly known as Facebook Buy and Sell, is an app on Facebook that connects people who want to buy or sell items. This guide will teach you how to use this app to sell your items on Facebook Marketplace.


Log into your Facebook Account


If you haven’t sold anything on the FB marketplace yet, you’ll need to link a credit card with your account. The process is pretty easy; just click Sell Something at the top of your Facebook newsfeed. From there, follow all of Facebook’s prompts and in no time, you should be up and running. (If you don’t want to link a credit card, check out some other ways to sell things.)


Enable payment method


Before you can list an item, you’ll need to enable a payment method. To do so, click Payments in your settings menu and add a new payment method—you can choose from most major credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, or cash. You’ll also need to confirm your card for each new transaction by entering its verification code. Note that if you’re selling internationally there may be additional steps required at checkout; see our seller help center for more information. You can list multiple items at once: When listing multiple items, simply select all of them before hitting Post (it doesn’t matter whether they’re sold individually or as a set). If they are sold individually, enter how much you want to charge for each one. If they are sold as a set, check off the Set price and enter how much you want to charge for all of them together.


Create a detailed listing


Use your photos, reviews, titles, and descriptions to create a well-thought-out listing. Keep in mind that you’re providing potential buyers with all of the information they need before you meet in person. Make sure that all of your listings are thorough (even when selling something as simple as a T-shirt). While it might seem redundant, adding even more information may help you make more sales. For example, if you’re selling a dress, describe how well it fits or if it has any imperfections. Photos are also important since people can ask questions about things they see in them (like stains or discoloration) that aren’t necessarily evident from looking at them in person.


Get the right tools


The first thing you’ll need is a smartphone with a decent camera. This can be one of the old phones that you no longer use. Facebook Messenger, eBay for Business, Craigslist Messenger, or any other similar applications that allow you to conduct transactions in real-time. Find out what information you should have available during sales such as licenses, receipts, tax information, or anything else that could be requested by buyers, and make sure it’s all organized in one place.


Learn the importance of pictures


When you’re selling something, be sure to include a clear, high-quality picture of it. Be sure to tell your potential buyers how many photos you’ll have (the first one is usually free) if they can request additional ones if they can take their own photos before buying, or if anything else that’s important. Buyers will also appreciate it if you write a description of each item that covers every detail—from its size and condition down to details like shipping restrictions and where you got it. That way there are no surprises when your item arrives at their doorstep.


Create a captivating headline


How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace may not be as appealing as The Hidden Secrets of Selling on FB Marketplace. Be sure your headlines are clear, concise, and true. If you want users to take action, show them why it’s in their best interest to do so. Keep it simple and avoid extra words that aren’t important. Make sure your headline is attention-grabbing while still providing value. Consider adding a call-to-action (CTA): Adding a CTA at the end of your post will encourage readers to take an action right away. A CTA could include clicking a link or making a purchase. In our example, we could add something like Click here for more tips. By using CTAs at various points throughout your post, you can increase engagement with readers who might otherwise scroll through without taking any further actions.


Avoid scams by meeting in person


When you’re selling online, it’s very easy for people to take advantage of you. We highly recommend meeting in person before making any major transactions—especially when dealing with large amounts of money. Always meet in a public place, never invite someone into your home, and bring along a friend if possible. It’s also a good idea to bring a camera with you; some scammers will try and get you on video saying that they will do something (like give them cash) if they can just keep your item temporarily until they have enough money in their account. Don’t fall for it! If they don’t want to pay you right away, then don’t deal with them at all.


Never accept cash payments


One of the biggest mistakes people make when selling in person is accepting cash as payment. Cash payments can be difficult to track and leave you vulnerable if something goes wrong. If you do accept cash, have your customer send it through an online money transfer service, such as PayPal or TransferWise. You’ll still need to verify their identity before making any transfer. Pay them directly with a debit card; don’t hand over your own card in case they take pictures of it without permission or add fraudulent charges to your account later. Cash only works for physical goods — never use it for digital like ebooks or software programs.




In summary, selling items via a social network is likely not as profitable as other methods. However, with some time and effort, you can turn a tidy profit from your old possessions. Be cautious of scams and make sure to complete transactions in a public place where possible, such as at Starbucks or another location with security cameras or witnesses. You may also want to consider hiring an independent shipping company for particularly expensive items to protect yourself from potential loss. Overall, though, if you are conscientious about who you sell to (and how much) social media like Facebook Marketplace can be an excellent way of making some extra cash off things that have been sitting around gathering dust in your home. Good luck!

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