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Starting as a freelancer can be difficult, particularly if you’re just learning to program and have no work experience yet. 

However, there are dozens of great websites out there that help connect independent programmers with potential clients, allowing you to build up your portfolio and get some experience under your belt as you start your freelancing career. If you’re new to freelancing, here are the top 10 websites for finding freelance programming jobs online. if you haven’t any idea what is freelancing click here.

Top 10 Best Freelancing Websites for Programmers

1) Fiverr

With over 500,000 freelancers, Fiverr is one of the biggest and most popular freelance marketplaces around. It’s also an excellent place to pick up work as a developer if you’re new to freelancing. 

While there are many advanced developers offering services on Fiverr—including full-stack development and sophisticated web applications—there are also plenty of entry-level opportunities for anyone who needs help with minor projects. To avoid being scammed or ripped off, it’s a good idea to look through recent reviews and select freelancers based on both their past experiences and their written profiles.

2) Upwork

Upwork is an online marketplace and one of our favorite freelance websites for programmers. There are tons of jobs available, from WordPress and Drupal to SEO, Python, PHP, Salesforce development, and more. 

Upwork has a stringent screening process that includes evaluating a freelancer’s profile completeness and feedback ratings from previous employers (if applicable). The platform also features built-in payment processing if you don’t already have an account with PayPal or Stripe.

3) Freelancer

If you’re a programmer, freelancer sites are one of your best options for finding work. That’s because these sites allow clients to browse through a large selection of freelancers from around the world, which provides you with more opportunities. So how do you get started? We recommend signing up for two or three of these websites (they’re free) and getting your profile set up. 

4) Guru

This is a platform where you can hire some developers to work on your project. It’s completely free to post and find great programmers, making it one of the best places for freelance programming. This site has over 150 thousand freelancers who have experience in PHP, .NET, and Ruby projects. Their marketplace includes experts from different parts of the world including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and many other countries. 

To get started with Guru simply go to their website and start searching on their job board according to your requirements. You can also check out their price range by choosing your budget from $10-$100 per hour to hire a perfect programmer for you at an affordable rate! They make sure that your project is handled by someone reliable so they give a 5-star rating system after each project is delivered.

5) Toptal

Toptal is a marketplace for freelance developers and designers. Unlike many outsourcing services, Toptal only works with top-level talent from around the world. Whether you need to fill one role or hire 20, you’ll get access to candidates that aren’t available anywhere else.

And it doesn’t matter if you are just getting started or expanding your team—Toptal makes sure all of your needs are met quickly and easily. Check out Toptal today; be sure to let them know you found them on SoftwareSuggestions!

6) Authentic Jobs

This site provides a clear path to employment, allowing companies to post job offers in fields like programming and software development. But don’t limit yourself; look at opportunities beyond your field to open doors.

 For example, if you specialize in machine learning but aren’t finding much work in that area, take a look at other jobs listed on Authentic Jobs that are related—data science or artificial intelligence, for example. You can also use sites like Authentic Jobs to get leads on full-time positions and future employers. As a bonus, users can search through jobs based on whether they pay by salary or hourly rate. 

7) Clarity.fm

Formerly known as 3Q, Clarity.FM is a messaging service that connects people with others who have questions about their business. There are two main ways to get your questions answered: by chatting privately with other entrepreneurs or by participating in a group session and asking your question directly to an expert in the field. 

Entrepreneurs of all stages are encouraged to take advantage of Clarity’s peer-to-peer Q&A system, but it’s especially helpful for those just starting. The website states that it accepts new members on a first-come, first-served basis, so plan if you’re interested in taking advantage of Clarity and its services while they’re still free!

8) Lionbridge 

Lionbridge is one of those sites that may not make as many big headlines as some of its competitors, but it’s a great resource for anyone looking to get into freelance programming. 

Focusing on less well-known languages like Perl and Erlang, Lionbridge is a good source if you want to learn something outside of what’s trending on Stack Overflow or Hacker News. It also has an active community with hundreds of discussions every month and a more than generous pay rate. On average, users earn around $100 per hour—but there are plenty who report being able to make over $200 an hour.

9)  LinkedIn 

A social network specializing in business and career networking, LinkedIn is a great resource to find freelance jobs. There are thousands of recruiters on LinkedIn as well, who you can reach out to when looking for a freelance position. 

If you’re just starting and are looking to gain some work experience before landing that first full-time job, don’t be afraid to get in touch with recruiters. It’s not uncommon at all. Many recruiters prefer candidates who aren’t completely new but have a bit of experience already under their belt so they can fit right into an existing team or company.

10) ProFinder 

If you’re looking to make more money as a programmer, check out ProFinder. The website has openings from all kinds of companies that need freelance programmers. 

Simply sign up and take a look at jobs posted by businesses looking to hire someone like you. These opportunities are like any other job—you respond with your resume or CV, interview, and (hopefully) land yourself an awesome contract!

Bonus) PeoplePerHour

It may be one of my favorite freelance websites for programmers. Despite being based in London, UK, it’s a popular place for freelancers from all over the world. On their website, you can build a profile complete with your portfolio, services offered, and experience levels. You can also join different freelance communities on PeoplePerHour to connect with other freelancers looking to collaborate or network.

The minimum amount you can bid is $3 per hour, but note that if you choose to charge less than $5 per hour, they take a 20% commission off your earnings! So my advice would be to choose at least $5 as your hourly rate so that you get more money directly into your pocket each time someone hires you!


Freelancing sites are a fantastic resource for programmers looking to make money online. The internet offers plenty of ways to make money, but freelancer platforms remove some of the challenges inherent in finding remote work. You can quickly identify which opportunities match your skill set, see rates or cost estimates, and even communicate with potential clients through integrated messaging systems. 

If you’re just getting started with freelance programming, it’s well worth checking out these 10 top freelancing websites for programmers. Of course, there are thousands of other freelancing sites out there too—which means competition is high, and earning good money as a programmer is hard work!

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