14 Best Blog Name Generators (and How to Use Them)

What makes for a good name? That’s the question you’ll have to answer if you want your blog to stand out in an increasingly crowded field of blogs and content marketing sites. And while it may seem like there are only so many options, the truth is that there are several different approaches you can take when it comes to choosing a name. But how do you choose? That’s where we come in with our rundown of the best name generators on the market today.


14 Blog Name Generators Tools 


1 ) Domainr


Launched in 2010, Domainr is an online domain suggestion tool that helps you find available domain names. Simply enter a keyword, select your category and check out Domainr’s suggestions. The tool’s filter options make it easy to refine results based on your specific needs. Click through for full details about each listing or scroll down for Domainr’s best features. For example, Two-word domains are best. This service will cost you $6 per month with a $20 yearly plan available as well.


 2 ) DomainWheel


It’s a fun and easy way to find a name for your website, business, or new product. Simply type in your preferred keyword and it will generate hundreds of possible domain names with just one click. Names generated include .com’s, .net’s, .org’s, and even some country-code TLDs. If you know what you’re looking for though, try Domainr instead; it performs a similar service but can search over 1 million names and is therefore significantly more useful if you have specific requirements regarding your site name.


3) iwantmyname


Iwantmyname’s domain name generator makes it easy to find a unique name. You can search for .com, .net, and .org extensions, as well as country-specific extensions for your desired market. iwantmyname also makes it easy to check if a specific name is available in its is my site available? tool. However, Iwantmyname doesn’t give you information on whether or not names are trademarked and you have to click around through many pages to find pricing information for these domains.


4 ) Wordoid


A great resource for creating unique and search-friendly names. You can use Wordoid’s simple interface to come up with a shortlist of potential titles. If you don’t like any of them, hit generate again and see what comes up next. There are no guarantees, but Wordoid offers a lot of flexibility for those looking for something off the beaten path.


5) Panabee


This name generator will help you come up with a good domain name for your website. It offers ten different options, so you can always find one that perfectly suits your taste. It also displays a quick analysis of how many sites are using each variation so you can pick something that isn’t used by too many other people. After all, nobody wants their content to get lost in an ocean of information. Make sure that doesn’t happen and use Panabee to create something beautiful!


6) Predictim


Whether you’re starting a new business or creating a new website, finding an available domain name is almost always an important first step. Luckily, many tools and tricks can help ensure you get a good one. Predictim, for example, allows users to submit their ideas for a potential business name and see which ones might be available. You’ll pay between $1 and $2 per search—which could be money well spent if you know that your favorite company or word isn’t free and clear.


7 ) Lean Domain Search


If you’re interested in creating a website and don’t know where to start, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. One of your first steps should be picking a name for your site, but that often causes more problems than it solves. Some businesses have struggled for years simply because they didn’t have a great domain name in mind from day one. It is hard work coming up with great names—but luckily there are several tools out there that make it much easier than before! Today I would like to present you with 8 of my favorite domain search engines: lean domain search, lean brand search, and lean i-name. One of these services is bound to generate some inspiring ideas for you!


8 ) Nameboy


One of the best tools for coming up with great domain names is a free tool called Nameboy. You can enter anything that’s already been taken, or you can create your word or phrase; all in all, it’s a simple interface that lets you easily generate different types of available and unavailable words. The site says it allows users to find out if a name/word exists before using it. If you want an easy-to-use tool that doesn’t cost a dime, give Nameboy a try!


9 ) Name Mesh Name Generator


Making a list of potential names is a good way to get your juices flowing, but many people like to test out their ideas by creating a few domain names. Not sure where to start? Try NameMesh. It’s one of my favorite name generators because it’s simple and doesn’t rely on any gimmicks or silly puns. To use it, simply type in a word you want to include in your site name and click Generate. You’ll then be presented with several options for adding numbers, capitalizing letters, or making other changes. You can also choose whether you want something that feels more masculine or feminine. The only thing I don’t love about NameMesh is that some of its suggestions are too long for me—but that’s just personal preference!


10 ) Blog Names Generator Tool


There are a ton of tools that can help you create a domain name or choose a name for your content. Unfortunately, not all of them are great. This is one of my favorites and I’ve used it successfully in building several blogs over time. You enter words you want in your domain and it gives you suggestions based on what’s already available. You’re able to narrow down options as needed and check availability on different domains and TLDs with one click. Worth checking out for sure!


11 ) NameStation


If you’re looking for a domain name with personality, check out NameStation. This generator lets you enter multiple words, which are then combined into a unique and memorable combination. While it won’t necessarily give you something that sounds like it would be a brandable option—after all, no one is going to want their company called Word McWordface—it can give you some really fun options to work with. The site will even filter out ones that have already been registered so that nothing gets awkward when your new website pops up on other search engines at first.


12 ) IsItWp Name Generator


This generator uses a collection of domain name suffixes from TLDs around the world. It’s pretty straightforward: type in your word, add a suffix, and hit enter. The result will be a single-word website name. For example, IsItWP? becomes its TLD (.isitwp). You can even use hyphens for spaces between words. For example, business types might want to go with @business-gen or #enterprise-gen. Using these domains is pretty difficult (you’ll need permission from that specific registry), but they are super catchy! If you find one you like, try contacting someone who owns it and see if they’re interested in selling it off—but doesn’t expect them to be cheap!


13 ) Free Brandable Domains


In addition to a free domain, many name generators will also give you a list of high-quality, brandable domains that aren’t taken yet. This is great for people looking for both an available but personal URL and those who want a more professional-sounding URL. These lists typically contain hundreds of sites that are already in use by other companies but have been made available once their contract expired. Sites like these are great because not only are they free but they’re also well-established, which means you won’t have to spend any time building up trust or traffic with your audience as it will be there automatically. It’s worth spending some time browsing through these lists if you’re trying to find an easy way out of starting from scratch with your new site!



Finding a name for your new business can be daunting. When it comes down to it, choosing a great name is one of those moments that will define your brand and differentiate you from other companies in your niche. Taking some time upfront to brainstorm, plan and gather resources will help you end up with a name you love and a business that reflects who you are. Now get going! Good luck! And have fun! 🙂


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