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What should you charge someone to design their company’s flyer? If you’re just starting out in the design industry, the answer may be what can I get away with charging? It’s okay if this is your first response—you’re still new and looking to impress clients—but don’t take advantage of them! Not only will they not hire you again, but they may also spread the word that you don’t work ethically and send their business elsewhere.

What is Flyer Design


In many ways, flyer design is simpler than web design. It has fewer page elements, fewer website components, and far less code to get your head around. Because it’s so stripped down and simplified, it’s usually easier to accomplish your flyer design goals in less time. However, if you don’t know what to charge for it, you could be missing out on additional revenue opportunities. Since there are many factors that contribute to price increases in any project—including the time required and the use of third-party resources.


how much does a flyer cost?

Your costs will vary based on your industry, product, and service, but there are some basic guidelines. Generally speaking, freelance graphic designers should be charging at least $50 an 1 hour.


Expect to pay more if you need something custom-made or if you’re commissioning an artist to create artwork from scratch. A simple word-processing document doesn’t cost that much but expects higher fees if you need special formatting or lots of images included with it. The bottom line is that costs depend on how complex your project is—and most clients are willing to pay for quality work, so don’t feel like you need to skimp on quality just because it’s a tight budget.


How Much To Charge a Flyer Design


Asking how much to charge for a flyer design is really just asking how long it will take you to create one. And, of course, the answer depends on what’s involved in creating it. Typically, I think of flyers as pretty simple projects because I’m designing them myself from scratch and don’t have any restrictions on what I can or can’t include.


But even if you’re working with some kind of template or other company guidelines about what should go into your flyers, you’ll still have plenty of decisions about how you’re going to present that information – and those decisions will take time (and usually require multiple iterations). To put things in perspective: The average hourly wage in my area is around $20 per hour.


Finding clients


Just starting out as a freelancer? The first thing you’ll need is your first client. Getting started can be hard, so here are some tips: Research who might need your service.


Do they have an upcoming event? Are they planning to start something new and will need assistance with that project? Post flyers around town. Make sure you include your email address and any relevant website information in case people want more information about you or your company, or if someone wants to set up an appointment.



Advertising to clients


There’s no magic formula here, but if you want your freelance business to have a successful track record and come back for more, then it’s helpful to do some research on what other designers in your area are charging. By researching how much other designers are charging, you can structure your pricing and get an idea of what clients expect when they hire someone.


This can be helpful in determining where you should position yourself as far as price goes (i.e., low-cost versus premium). No matter what—try not to base prices on hourly rates; instead, focus on value, quality work, and market trends. And remember: While asking for a top dollar might feel uncomfortable initially, raising your rate is one of the best ways to signal that you believe in your abilities.


How long does it take you?


There are two main ways of establishing how long it will take you to complete any given task: average time and lead time. The average time is how long tasks usually take (and it can vary widely depending on your skillset), while lead time is more about management and looking at historical data about how long projects tend to take.


How do you go about finding out how long your average tasks take? It’s actually pretty simple—just keep track of all your daily activities, from answering emails to writing reports, and tally up how many hours you spend on each one over a week or month.


That way, you’ll have an idea of how long things take in general, which makes planning for future projects easier. If you don’t have that kind of information yet, try tracking your workday for a week or so before making predictions based on that data. The important thing is that you make sure everything gets counted—even seemingly small tasks like checking email or ordering lunch count towards overall productivity!


Do you offer other services, too?


If you’re new at starting your own business, it can be difficult to figure out how much you should charge. For many types of businesses, though, there are several different kinds of services that you can offer clients.


In most cases, it doesn’t make sense to sell all of these services—you don’t have time or resources (or enough expertise) to get that deep into things. If you’re just getting started in your business career, look into one (or two) specific service(s) that you want to specialize in and stick with them until you grow your practice.




You want your flyers to be crisp and clean, but most importantly you want them to be effective. Designers cost around $20-35 per hour, which doesn’t include any copywriting or graphics work that is needed. If you can write your own copy and know how to use Photoshop or Illustrator, then you can easily save yourself some money. However, if it’s not your cup of tea or if you simply want a professional touch then consider hiring a designer as an investment in your company’s future.

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