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What are the benefits of being an Airbnb Superhost? Being a host on Airbnb is always a fun experience, but some perks come with the Superhost title on Airbnb. Here’s what you can expect to get out of your journey to becoming an Airbnb Superhost!

What is a Superhost?

If you want to make money hosting on Airbnb, it’s a good idea to become a super host. But what is a superhost? Is it something that every host wants to be? And can any host earn superhost status? In short, being an Airbnb superhost means that your property has been recognized as one of the top-rated places in your community. 

Hosting on Airbnb isn’t about standing out; it’s about standing out for providing exceptional service. When guests feel welcomed and like they have found a home away from home, they’re more likely to write reviews and recommend your place to their friends (who will also hopefully become future bookings). What does being an Airbnb Superhost entail?

 Benefits of Airbnb Superhosts

Airbnb superhost status is awarded to experienced hosts who maintain a high-quality rating across all criteria. These include cleanliness, communication, check-in procedure, and fast response times for issues and queries. What are these top benefits? Let’s find out: 

1. Higher Listing Priority – Most hosts receive 10-15 guest requests per day and you need to list your listing high up to get more bookings. But with super host status, you will have a much higher booking priority which means that your listing gets placed higher on listings popular search lists like recently booked or most popular which ensures that more guests will see your listing on their searches instead of someone else’s! 

2. More Bookings – As mentioned above, being a superhost means that you’ll have increased visibility on Airbnb so more people will be able to see your listing compared to others without superhost status. This leads to more bookings and thus an increase in revenue. 

3. More Reviews – Another benefit of being an Airbnb superhost is that you can expect even better reviews from your guests because they feel special by staying at a place with such high standards as yours! 

4. Personalized Experience – Airbnb superhosts are usually very good at what they do since they’ve been doing it for years already. They know how to make sure their guests enjoy their stay through personalized experience and service which makes them one of a kind among other hosts on Airbnb. 

5. More Credibility – Being an Airbnb superhost is a great way to build credibility among potential customers since it shows that you have experience, skills, and knowledge in what you do (which also helps when marketing yourself). 

6. Access To Exclusive Events And Offers – Lastly, becoming an Airbnb superhost gives you access to exclusive events and offers that only elite members can attend!


6 Great Travel Discounts You Get as an Airbnb Superhost

Whether you’re a full-time host or just rent out your place occasionally, being an Airbnb superhost offers perks both when renting and traveling. But how can you be sure you’re getting everything that comes with being an SSS on your profile? To help answer those questions, we asked some hosts what they think are their best benefits as a Superhost. 

Here are six great travel discounts you get as an Airbnb superhost! [INSERT LIST OF 6 GREAT TRAVEL DISCOUNTS HERE] 

1. 10% off trip cancellation insurance from World Nomads – If you have to cancel your trip, these plans will refund up to 75% of your pre-paid non-refundable expenses. 

2.  5% off Airbnb Credit – For every $100 spent using Airbnb credit, you’ll earn 5 points towards a future credit (up to 50 points). 

3. Complimentary travel consultations from TripZilla – These professionals offer expertise in many areas including destination planning, hotel booking strategy, and luggage packing tips. 

4. Free money transfers via TransferWise – This online service allows you to transfer money at very low rates between 25 different currencies. 

5. Free airport lounge access through Priority Pass – This program gives members access to over 900 lounges around the world. You’ll also receive special offers and upgrades when staying at participating hotels. 

6. A free night stay after every 12 nights booked through Hotels Combined – Simply book through Hotels Combined once per year, then receive a free night’s stay after every 12 nights booked via HotelsCombined!

3 Tips for Becoming an Airbnb SuperHost

Becoming an Airbnb superhost, while more challenging than becoming a regular host, comes with many additional benefits. Becoming a superhost is easier said than done and requires extreme dedication to your rental property. However, once you become one it opens up opportunities that can make you money beyond just renting out space in your home on AirBnb. 

Here are 3 tips for becoming an airbnb superhost. 

1. Do thorough inspections: You should be inspecting your rental property before every stay and after every stay. You should have a checklist of items to inspect and every time you do it you should be noting any discrepancies or issues in your AirBnb listing so guests know about them in advance. This will help you maintain your status as a superhost and keep you from getting bad reviews. 

2. Keep your place clean: This might seem obvious but keeping your place clean not only helps you get better reviews but also helps increase occupancy rates which means more income for you! There’s nothing worse than staying at someone else’s dirty house when trying to relax on vacation so don’t let yours turn people off! 

3. Make sure all amenities work properly: As an AirBnb superhost, people will expect certain things from their stays such as working appliances and internet access. If something doesn’t work properly make sure to note it in your listing so guests know about it ahead of time.

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