How to Make Money With Your Body as a Woman

You might not think that the body you have right now could be used to make money, but it definitely can! There are many types of businesses and online services that want to utilize your physical attributes to bring more money into their company. Here are 10 ways to make money with your body as a woman.

5 Best Ways to Make Money With Your Body as a Woman


1) Teach a Yoga Class.


Becoming certified in yoga can give you some flexibility when it comes to your career. Even though demand for yoga instructors is at an all-time high, not every studio will hire someone who doesn’t have years of experience under their belt. It’s more likely that they’ll take on somebody who teaches because they want to do it, not because they need to make money.


This is a great way to start teaching while you build up your practice and clientele. You might even get asked by studios or gyms if you can work with clients outside of scheduled classes—great for earning extra cash without much extra effort!


2) Model for an Agency.


Agencies represent models who work in television, print, and more. Booking jobs can be difficult: You’ll need experience and good connections, but landing an agency takes neither. Signing with an agency won’t make you rich (no matter what they promise), but it can open doors that would otherwise be closed.


Just remember that agencies take a cut of your earnings and are only as interested in you as they are in your potential ability to earn them money—which means you must work hard to keep their attention. The easiest way to book consistent work is through open calls and by getting noticed by booking gigs independently on your own time.


3) Promote Products Online

Whether you have a knack for photography, design, or just love spending time online, promoting products on social media and building your personal brand can be an excellent way to monetize your body. Websites like Shopify let you set up an online store with one click.


From there, it’s up to you what type of items or services you want to promote. If you want some help getting started, take inspiration from other affiliate marketers and do some research on popular product trends or even about topics like how much money is spent each year on back to school shopping! To start making money from home in no time at all, check out Shopify today!


4) Run Some Kind of Service Business


Think you’re stuck waiting tables until you get rich? Think again. Some kind of service business is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make money with your body, especially if you enjoy helping people. This type of business also enables you to use your unique talents and personality traits—and doesn’t require much investment or overhead (beyond physical necessities like transportation).


If you can offer your services for $25 per hour, there are plenty of people out there who will pay for them! Services include childcare, housecleaning, pet-sitting, walking dogs, and more. Be sure to check out Thumbtack for opportunities in your city or try sites like TaskRabbit for project-based gigs.


5) Become a Freelance Writer Make Money As a woman


According to one survey of employees by global outplacement consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, more than 20 percent of American workers say they’ve thought about moonlighting.


The number of people who have actually followed through on those thoughts is even higher—according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), almost 1 in 10 Americans hold down two jobs at once. At $300 or so per hour on average, that’s around $26K per year you could be making while working your day job (and still getting those pesky two weeks off). Not bad!


Make Money With Your Body as a Woman  


Start an Affiliate Marketing Business


Finding work on Craigslist is a great way to make money fast. It’s important, however, not to just dive into any opportunity that comes your way. There are certain factors you want to consider before pursuing these types of opportunities:


How safe will it be? Is it easy or difficult?  As you gain experience with Craigslist and other platforms like it, you’ll be able to determine what situations seem best for your needs. Then, when you receive an offer that sounds right for you, turn them into profit! Check out our tips to start a home small business idea for women.


Crowdfund Your Life


Do you have a passion project you’ve been dying to get off of the ground? Whether it’s making an album, funding your next travel adventure, or starting your own start-up business, there are lots of ways to fund these ventures using platforms like Kickstarter.


The site allows users to set up creative projects that are in line with their passions and then makes it easy for them to reach out directly to those who want to support their ideas. If you already have some savings behind you and want to pursue your passion project or idea full time, why not take advantage of sites like Kickstarter?


Sell Pictures of Yourself Online Make More Money With Your Body



Selling your own images on sites like Shutterstock and iStockphoto is an easy way to make some cash in your spare time. If you’re willing to invest some of your time (and maybe even more than that), you can get paid for your photos without having to pursue photography as a professional career.


The best part? You can sell downloaded stock photos right from home, which means no need for office space or equipment. All you need is Wi-Fi and access to people who love being photographed! For tips on how to start selling pictures online, check out our post here. To learn about other fast ways to make money as women are making money with their bodies, click here.


Sell Something You Crafted Yourself


If you have an artistic or crafty side, consider selling your wares on Etsy or other marketplaces. If you love to sew, for example, try selling handmade knit goods on Etsy. If you’re more into drawing and graphic design, then starting up an online shop that sells artwork via your website could be a great way to make money with your body as a woman. You can advertise online and focus on small boutique websites at first to build up a reputation before branching out into larger markets like eBay.


Use Craigslist to Find Opportunities and Turn Them Into Profit


Craigslist is one of many online classified sites, but it’s unique in that it has an extensive section for so-called gigs and work-from-home opportunities. If you can land even a few of these gigs, you could easily make over $500/month in some cases (think: dog walkers who earn upwards of $400/month).


The key is being able to connect with people who will pay you for your time. Can you market yourself? Are you comfortable asking for money? Willingness and confidence are everything. Once you’ve made it through Craigslist, expand your search from there! The same strategies apply across all websites and job boards; they’re just business-specific instead of service-specific.




It’s never been easier to make money with your body than it is now. According to FlexJobs, the number of flexible job opportunities will rise 40% over 10 years, making telecommuting and other flexible jobs increasingly more common.


You may be thinking I have no idea how I could possibly work from home or part-time. But if you can think of any way your body can earn money for you right now, then go for it! And when you do, make sure you protect yourself first. Get a legal consultation before starting any business that requires physical labor. If necessary, form an LLC.

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