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What is Google Pay and How to Create an Account on it?

Google pay/Gpay is a digital payment method. Google has developed it in-app, online, and in-person for contactless payment. Globally approved app for saving, managing money, paying bills, and making transactions from your mobile phone. Just with a single tap, one can pay for a ticket to the cinema or an airplane ticket. It gives us paperless money acceptable in the digital world. Add a debit card or credit card before your choice, but you don’t bear it in your wallet. Gpay is too functional in tablets and smartwatches. You can access it through secret pin codes and terminals placed in stores or supermarkets for billing.

Why choose Google Pay?

Missing an important event? Don’t online paying facility? Don’t about it. Google has brought one of the multi-functional payment services. Wallet+android pay= Google Pay. Don’t miss an event or a season on Netflix and Amazon prime. Don’t your wallet to grab a card for payment. Just unlock your phone and make it happen.

Google pay has users at a global level. About 40 million people are using it in over 40 countries. It is an easy and assured way to pay with just a single tap. It has an automatic payment data-securing system. One of the advanced systems that don’t use the customcustomers’l card number while making any transaction or online payment. Thus, your data remain confidential.

Which Devices are Compatible with Google Pay?

Google pay is operable in Android phones containing 4.4kitkat android, android 5.0 (Lollipop). Before installing Google Pay, your device must have NFC and HCE capabilities. iPhone users should have IOS 10.0 or higher; it is workable on phones, tablets, and smartwatches.

Your bank may also have additional requirements for enabling their cards on Google Pay. Visit their website for more information. iPhone users: We are working hard to make Google Pay available for iPhone users and will let you know when it sit’s!


Get Started…



Step 1: First of al,l “insta”l” goog”e pay from Play Store if you have,e then update it to the new version. After installing it, open it, and you should have every detail ready, from your name to a personal and secure Gmail account.


Step 2: Installed it no. Open the app and enter your phone number, which is linked to your bank account, or else it won’t won’t


Step 3: Entered phone number press “NEXT” “and “ait a while; it can take 30 sec. You will receive a verification code or OTP on your phone number, enter it and press “NEXT””


St”p 4: Verified your phone number. It will give an option of entering a Gmail account, now, enter your Gmail account and tap on the “NEXT””butt”n at the bottom of the phone.


Step 5: After taping next, you will have two options for securing your google pay account. Whether you choose to create a phone screen lock” or “a “great” Google pin.” It “s over to you which one seems easy to you.


Step 6: Choose google pin? Press continue to enter the pin and confirm the new pin.


Step 7: Confirm the pin. Now you are done with your google pay account.


How to Link Google Pay Account with Your Bank?

Created your Google Pay account and now looking to connect it with your bank account. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Open the Google Pay app and press “profile account” at t”e top of the right corner of the mobile screen. After clicking, a new page will open, “SEND “ONEY” opti”n will appear, press it.

Step 2: A list containing bank names will appear. You have to choose your bank name and tap it.

Step 3: Selected bank. A pop-up will appear, tap continues. The screen will show an account link, just accept it.

Step 4: App will send a verification SMS to the registered number. Verified it! Tap on “ENTER “UPI PIN” here,e”you are successfully connected to your bank account.

How to Make Payments while using Your Google Pay Account?

You want to purchase books, clothes, groceries, and medicine from a nearby pharmacy or supermarket. Just scan shops, enter the amount, and security pin boom, you are done with your payment.

How do you Send Money to a Friend or Family Member?

Google pay has played a vital role in this time of necessity. Sometimes it gets hard to send money to a friend when you are staying in a remote area with no bank. Don’t if you are a user of Gpay. Grab your phone and follow these steps;

1. Open the Google pay app.

2. There will be a “PAY” “cre”n, it will show you the profiles of whom you have recently sent money. If you have not sent money to anyone yet: tap Find friends.

3. Payment can be made via email, phone, or QR code. Tap the contact you want to send money to. In case your friend is not a user of google pay, then send him an invitation to join Google pay.

4. Entered number; now it would appear with number and profile. Tap on the picture; here you will have three options 1: MESSAGE BOX FOR CHAT, 2: REQUEST, and 3: PAY to click the 3RD option, “PAY.” “5. “after the amount, it will appear like PAY $20 press it. You are done with your transaction.

This is how we can send money to our family members and friends using Google pay.


How to Add a Loyalty or Gift Card?

Step 1: Open Gpay app.

Step 2: At the top of the phone, the logo of the card will appear, and tap the button.

Step 3: Add a card and press on it.

Step 4: there will be five different options for adding cards, such as debt, credit, loyalty, and gift cards. You have to tap either loyalty or gift card and proceed as instructed.




In a nutshell, Google Pay performs multiple functions to ease the life of its users. It is easy to use, and highly secure, no need to carry a card just have your phone or smartwatch. It gives attractive promotions and rewards. And it is free of cost! One can send money through it within minutes without any extra charges. You can recharge your mobile balance and request your friends to send money. Gpay is also acceptable at online stores.
You better download the app and get benefited from the unlimited facilities it provides. You can earn money by uploading photos on Google and withdrawing from your Google Pay Account. It explains how services like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and Venmo work and what consumers can expect from them in the coming years. Finally, let us know about your experience with mobile payments; we’d hear about it!

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