7 Ways to Save Money as a Teenager Without a Job

For most teens, having a job is the main way to make money. But if you don’t have one, don’t worry! You can still save money as a teenager without one by making smart decisions about what you spend your money on and how much time you spend online and playing video games. 

We’ve put together some great tips to help you keep the cash in your wallet and build up your savings account. Here are seven ways to save money as a teenager without a job.

7 Best Ways to Save Money as a Teenager Without a Job

1) Get an app for discounts

If you don’t have a job, try an app like Ibotta or Checkout51. These handy little tools make it easy for you to save money on things that you already buy at places like Walmart and Target (check your app before you purchase because some offers are brand-specific).

 By collecting rebates, discounts, and coupons, Ibotto has saved people over $100 million in rewards—who wouldn’t want free money? Another cool way to save money is by earning cash back through online shopping portals.

2) Start an Ebates account

Ebates is one of many websites that allow you to get cash back for shopping online. You simply sign up, shop as you normally would, and then once per month Ebates will deposit a set amount of money into your account. 

This is a great way for teens without jobs to start saving because it’s not something they have to do. The cash comes in passively. I started an Ebates account when I was sixteen and still use it today (age twenty-two).

3) Look into loyalty cards

Loyalty cards can help you save money on everyday purchases and let you earn free items. If your town or city has just one store that has loyalty cards, it’s worth going in and getting one, even if you don’t plan on shopping there often. If multiple stores have them, consider making all of your purchases at that store until you have enough points for something nice.

 You can also ask your parents if they have loyalty cards they aren’t using—getting an extra card is just like having another coupon right in your wallet! Loyalty programs are great ways to save money on anything from clothing to electronics to food.

4) Use your parents’ shopping rewards

If you don’t have a job but your parents do, there’s a way you can earn cash back on their shopping. Many retailers offer rewards programs that give people money back for purchasing goods or services at their stores. 

For example, MyUS has an affiliate program that pays users for using its package-shipping service—and if your parents are willing to use it, so will you! Once you become a member and set up an account with us, you can link any credit card or bank account and choose how often to redeem.

 Once someone buys something from one of their linked stores through your account, you’ll receive money from MyUS.

5) buy clothing on sale and wear it more than once

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought pieces of clothing on sale only to find that I wasn’t crazy about them or that they didn’t go with anything else in my closet. To save money as a teenager without a job, wait for sales or buy things you can wear over and over again. 

When in doubt, stick with basics like black, white, and denim. Wear those colors all year round and your clothes will take you from beach trips to dinner dates. Dressing simply allows you more options!

6) Learn Unique skills and Earn Money

Learning an unusual or valuable skill like computer programming, welding, knitting, calligraphy, or web design can be a great way to gain skills that you can turn into some extra cash in your spare time. Take classes at community colleges or with private instructors and use those skills to create products or services that you can sell online. Or turn your hobby into a money-making side gig by selling crafts on Etsy, for example. 

Just make sure you do your research about pricing and policies so that you’re not getting scammed out of money on something that isn’t even making any sales yet. You also want to make sure that there’s a market for whatever it is you’re making before investing too much time and energy into turning it into cash.

7) Cut up your credit card so you’re forced to make smarter purchases

Sure, you want that new gaming console or designer handbag, but there are plenty of other things you can buy instead. Before making any purchase, ask yourself if it’s necessary—and if not, put it back on the shelf and think about whether you’re willing to save up for it first. 

Then actually follow through: Take your credit card out of your wallet and cut it in half. This visual act is just one way of keeping yourself from splurging! It’ll be much harder to make impulse purchases when your credit card is no longer at hand.


The bottom line is that there are lots of ways you can save money and lots of opportunities for you to earn cash. And it’s not just about being frugal; it’s also about being able to make informed choices about how you spend your money—and whether or not what you’re buying is worth paying for. 

If you have any more tips on how teens can learn how to save money without a job, please share them in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you.

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